Stefanie Kubanek 

“I call myself a designer, but I really see myself as an enabler—someone who makes things happen. To me, creativity is the result of a collection of different processes completed by different people with complementary skills. Over the years, I’ve learnt to embrace collaboration and to reject barriers and borders.

Born in Boston and brought up in Germany, I’ve completed an apprenticeship in goldsmithing, studied Industrial Design in Hamburg, earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Design at London’s Royal College of Art and completed the Leadership Development Program at Harvard. My international perspective led me to senior design roles at Olive 1:1, Pier Studio (BMW Group) and to Pentagram, where I worked with Daniel Weil. As an Associate Partner at Pentagram, I was part of a bi-continental team in London and New York.

I’ve taught industrial design and design management at Parsons The New School for Design as well as courses at Pratt Institute, Columbia University and the Free University of Art and Design, Bolzano, Italy. Pursuing my love of collaboration, I involve student teams in projects to integrate the energy and imagination of the young with the knowledge and resources of established businesses.

I’ve been a juror for the Industrial Design Society of America awards and the Australian International Design Awards.

The sum of all these experiences is my latest venture, Kubanek Design +."

Together with our friends and partners, we use our skills, imagination and enthusiasm to deliver innovative design solutions.

Simon Paterson 

Simon Paterson founded Paterson Associates in 1990 to help brands find their place in the world. He works with organisations and brands to understand their DNA and create more authentic, distinctive and compelling forms of self-expression. He has created, redefined and strengthened brands around the world in a wide range of sectors including media, telecoms, technology, energy, cement, financial services, airlines, hospitality, university, business and design education. 

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Howard Fletcher, Writer 

Howard has around 30 years’ experience in London advertising agencies, including spells as a Creative Director at Y&R and O&M. As a Consultant, he’s spent 12 years working with many of London’s best design agencies. He’s taken on design projects for advertising agencies and advertising projects for design studios. He's less interested in the communication channel than the impact he can achieve.

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Nici v. Alvensleben, Graphic Design 

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